Safety Inspection: A thorough inspection from top to bottom to insure your chimney, fireplace or wood stove is in accordance with NFPA safety standards. This inspection will also satisfy your insurance company.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection: Our “Soot Sweeper” vacuum system provides a mess free chimney and fireplace cleaning. This service includes cleaning the chimney, cap, fireplace, smokeshelf, smoke chamber and ash removal from the firebox. For a wood stove, this includes cleaning the chimney, cap, stovepipe, and full servicing of the wood stove. This service also includes a thorough safety inspection.

Cheap Sweep: For those on a tight budget we offer the Cheap Sweep. This service only includes sweeping of the chimney.

Fireplace & Chimney Restoration: Our chimney specialists are trained to identify and correct safety problems with your fireplace and chimney with top of the line materials.

Masonry Repair: Many chimney and fireplaces deteriorate due to weather conditions. We can repair the masonry joints and cracks on your fireplace and chimney.

New Home Consultation: We are more than happy to discuss options for your home.

Relining: Chimney lining has become almost mandatory in order to bring existing chimneys up to present codes. Many older chimneys were built of brick with no liner – and some newer chimneys have cracked and deteriorated clay tile liners. All of these pose safety hazards. We use top of the line titanium steel chimney liner to reline your chimney to ensure that your chimney is safe.

Wood Stoves & Fireplace Inserts: We carry a full line of the major brands of stoves such as Buck, Breckwell and Osburn. Visit our online store for just some of the models and brands that we carry.

Installations: We take pride in our projects and would like the opportunity to install one of our products for you.

Gas Logs: We install top quality beautiful vent-free and vented gas logs. Visit our online store for just some of the models and brands that we carry.

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Is your dryer taking longer than it should to dry your clothes? When was the last time you had your dryer vents professionally cleaned? Protect your home and save money on utilities by having your vents professionally cleaned.

Disinfecting Fogging: We use a thymol disinfecting solution to clean, deodorize and disinfect your space. Great for residential, commercial, office, vehicles and schools. Click here to learn more.

Pricing Varies On Location.