Nectre Cook Stove

Why stop at just heating your home? The Nectre Bakers Oven gives you the option to warm your living area and cook meals with the efficiency and natural power of a real wood fire. Using its traditional styled stove top and large oven, imagine impressing your guests in a cosy corner of your home with the sights and smells of home cooking while watching logs smoulder and flames dance.

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N350: Wood Stove/Baker’s Oven: 30,000 BTU

N350W: Wood Stove/Baker’s Oven/Water Jacket: 30,000 BTU

N550: Wood Stove/Baker’s Oven: 65,000 BTU

N550: Wood Stove/Baker’s Oven/Water Jacket: 65,000 BTU


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N350, N550

Water Jacket

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